Join Jen as she covers points of interest around forensics, archeology, science, writing and publishing, and the world of K-9 investigations.

Abbott and Lowell #1

Abbott and Lowell #1

Abbott and Lowell Forensic Mysteries

By Jen J. Danna with Ann Vanderlaan

A Massachusetts State Police Trooper teams up with a forensic anthropologist and his students to identify the dead, determine how they died, and find the killers, no matter how high their own personal risk.

FBI K-9 #4

FBI K-9 #4

FBI K-9 Mysteries

By Sara Driscoll

The FBI Human Scent Evidence Team is tasked with finding the lost, injured, and dead. Handler Meg Jennings and her black Lab have seen humanity at its worst, but are dedicated to saving lives and finding those beyond saving.


NYPD Negotiators

By Jen J. Danna

Gemma Capello is part of the NYPD’s elite Hostage Negotiation Team. When New York City’s most volatile situations threaten to explode, it’s their job to stop the suspects and to get every last hostage out alive.