Exit Strategy

NYPD Negotiators #1

Release Date - August 2020 from Kensington Books and Dreamscape Media.

Photo Credit:  Dave McLear

After watching her mother die as a hostage during a bank robbery when she was a child, Gemma Capello grew up to become one of the NYPD’s elite hostage negotiators. Unlike other negotiators, she knows firsthand the nightmare of being held at the mercy of a madman with a gun. So when the first deputy major of New York City and many of the city’s senior staffers are taken hostage inside City Hall, Gemma is selected as part of the handpicked team of negotiators tasked with resolving the situation before blood is spilled.

But the man inside City Hall has other ideas. Deadly calm and in complete control, he stymies and outwits the negotiators at every turn. He has a very personal agenda, and wants retribution at any cost, even if it means his own death. Now that lives are in his hands, the negotiators are afraid they don’t have anything to offer him that has greater value. Until he demands a single negotiator in exchange.

The golden rule of negotiation is that no negotiator has ever died talking to a suspect over the phone. But when he asks Gemma, the daughter and sister of NYPD cops, to put herself in harm’s way, she agrees, citing the needs of the many. NYPD brass are unequivocal that she will not go, but Gemma has known the terror of being there herself and is willing to walk away from her shield to save the hostages. Now, she just needs to figure out how to save herself.