One of the most exciting moments in the career of a debut author is when her virtual book starts to become tangible—the digital product she’s spent so long working on slowly becomes ink and paper. Part of that journey is complete when an artistic team takes the author’s vision and turns it into graphic art for the cover.

Ann and I had that moment last week as we finally got a sneak peek at the cover for DEAD, WITHOUT A STONE TO TELL IT. For the longest time, we’ve had a vision of what we wanted to see on the cover, centering on the concepts of the coastal salt marshes in Essex, Massachusetts and the strong forensic/forensic anthropology angles involved in the story. When the cover was finally unveiled, we were both very pleased with the results. Our thanks to Five Star/Gale Cengage and ENC Graphics for all their hard work on this project.

So now, without further ado, we’re thrilled to release the cover for DEAD, WITHOUT A STONE TO TELL IT, releasing May 15, 2013:


So, what do you think?