Guest Post: Crime Scene Science - A Reference Infographic

Occasionally I get requests for guest posts on the blog. By and large, most of these requests don't fit my platform, but this past week I was introduced to a really informative infographic on crime scene science and I wanted to share it with my readers, especially those who write mystery or crime fiction. Jaclyn Nicholson was kind enough to share her graphic and a little information about it with us:


Crime scene science has come a very long way with the advancement of technology. Many professionals gather at the scene of the crime, and utilize their expertise to retrieve evidence. These clues vary from finger prints to bloodstain analysis. Every small detail can indicate a clue. Forensic science is a very intelligent process in which many aspects are considered. This infographic dives into the world of crime scene science, briefly going step by step through the process. Did you know that insects could determine the time of death?

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Crime Scene Science Infographic

Isn't that a great reference for crime writers? Definitely a useful resource. Thanks for sharing it with us, Jaclyn!

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