Publishing News and the Cover Reveal for TWO PARTS BLOODY MURDER!

We’re going to take a brief break from the recap of my trip to Massachusetts in June as Ann and I have some publishing news we’d like to share with our readers, as well as a new cover to show off. But don’t worry, next week I’ll be back to share what I learned during my crime lab tour.

First of all, I know it’s been a LONG time coming, but our novella, NO ONE SEES ME ‘TIL I FALL, is now available on the Kobo platform. We’ve had requests about this for a while, but we’ve been up to our ears in work. Luckily, my husband stepped in and offered his time to do all the research and formatting for this platform, and we went live over the weekend. So for our Kobo readers, if you’re looking for the novella to read on your Kobo reader, you can find it here:

Last March we were pleased to announce that the mass market paperback rights for DEAD, WITHOUT A STONE TO TELL IT had been contracted by Harlequin Worldwide Mysteries for publication in January 2015. Now we can add that Harlequin Worldwide Mysteries has also contracted the mass market rights for A FLAME IN THE WIND OF DEATH for publication in spring 2015:

Jen Danna with Ann Vanderlaan's A FLAME IN THE WIND OF DEATH, the second novel in the Abbott and Lowell Forensic Mysteries, in which a Massachusetts state police trooper teams with a forensic anthropologist to solve a series of horrific murders, to Laura Barth at HQN Worldwide Mystery, for publication in Spring 2015, by Nicole Resciniti at The Seymour Agency.

Last, but definitely not least, Ann and I are thrilled to be able to show off the hot-off-the-presses cover for TWO PARTS BLOODY MURDER. Once again, ENC’s designers did a great job in capturing the major aspects of the murder very succinctly.

So now, without further ado, here is the cover for TWO PARTS BLOODY MURDER!

Prohibition was a time of clandestine excess—short skirts, drinking, dancing . . . and death. But a murder committed so many years ago still has the power to reverberate decades later with deadly consequences.

It’s a double surprise for Trooper Leigh Abbott as she investigates a cold case and discovers two murder victims in a historic nineteenth-century building. Together with forensic anthropologist Matt Lowell and medical examiner Dr. Edward Rowe, she uncovers the secrets of a long-forgotten, Prohibition-era speakeasy in the same building. But when the two victims are discovered to be relatives—their deaths separated by over eighty years—the case deepens, and suddenly the speakeasy is revealed as ground zero for a cascade of crimes through the decades. When a murder committed nearly forty years ago comes under fresh scrutiny, the team realizes that an innocent man was wrongly imprisoned and the real murderer is still at large. Now they must solve three murders spanning over eighty years if they hope to set a wronged man free.

TWO PARTS BLOODY MURDER, coming in hardcover and eBook, February 18, 2015. Now available for pre-order from!